Eat, nap, splash pad, repeat!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We are taking full advantage of this lovely summer were we mostly spend our time at the splash pad. It is our favorite place, we are probably there 3-4 times a week sometimes even twice a day haha. Noah seems to always make friends when we go, which is super fun until they try to play with his toys! I'm still trying to teach him how to share without having a complete freak out. Today was one of those days were we went twice, one time we played with Bridgett and Madeline and the next with Klair and Autumn :) 
Also, naptime is so much longer after out visits to the splash pad :) 

Yes, her eyes are this should see her parents'. They're so beautiful!!

The lady that took our pic, chopped our heads, but we still look cute!
She loves her mama

They were so stinking cute, just chasing each other :) 

She makes me smile, arranged marriage? I'm okay with that :)
Its been a good day, we sure love our friends <3


  1. Awwww, I am in LOVE with all of these photos! The cuteness on this blog post is. killing. me. ! Haha arranged marriage indeed! Thanks for taking/posting these, do you mind if I steal them for my own blog so I can link back and show my readers how awesome of a photographer you are? Also, that little baby girl from earlier in the day is a doll!

    1. Of course not, steal away!!! I would send the high resolution pictures but my computer died last night :/ haha so I can't access the pics. Also yess I know she's precious but so is klair :)