The three musketeers and Noah :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today, I met up with my old friend/teammate Mindy who is visiting utah for a little bit. It was seriously so fun catching up with her, and fun to see her baby girl Hayden who is 6 months old already!!! The heat is killing me, so it was perfect to have snow cones. It felt just like back in our college days, except for she has two kids and looks AMAZING!!

We then went to visit our old stomps (the track) where Marsha, Erin and Ashley were training. So I took my camera out and started snapping while watching the kids :)

Mark really wanted me to take a picture with his dog in the box :)
Yes, these boys are her kids and she looks bomb! This is what track practice does for you :)

Noah absolutely loves Mark, he follows him around like his little brother. It melts my heart :)

I sure love these boys <3


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    1. Well you have some pretty dang cute kids, can't wait for our real photoshoot :D