What is better than leggings?

Monday, June 13, 2016


I wear leggings/workout pants all day everyday, with no shame either! In the summer, I try to mix it up a little bit and throw a dress on. Living in Arizona, summers are ridiculous and I would rather walk around in a bathing suit all day. Let's be honest, I totally would if that was socially acceptable and if Ben was okay with it ;) 
We recently got to go on vacation to San Diego, and it was a blast! From the weather, to the food, to the beach, to the zoo, did I mention the food? Haha, seriously though, this vacation was so needed for our little family. I think we were a bit naive thinking it'd be pretty hot since it's California, but it got a little chilly (which felt like heaven). So back to my question, what is better than leggings? These "at ease" joggers from Albion!!! They are literally the most comfortable pants I have ever worn and the best part is matching my little hooligans!! How cute are they? Noah kept saying "oh so soft mom" 
I can't wait until it cools down here so I can use these joggers day in and day out! October, you are welcome to come any day now ;)
 If you don't own these, I promise you will not regret it! Olivia is wearing size 2T, Noah 6T and I have size small! The kids' are a little big so they will be able to grow in them.
Now, can we go back to San diego and the 75 degree weather?
We will be back.



  1. There's always Flagstaff... Couple hours drive, cute little town, weather is 70's-80's. ;)

  2. You are so right! We really need to make a trip to you guys!!!

  3. Those are so awesome! I wonder if they'll fit a short girl like me?! Ha ha :) glad you enjoyed San Diego - that's my hometown! XO

  4. Those look so comfortable and you all are darling.