Boyfriend jeans!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey guys!

First off, I sure hope y'all watched the soccer game tonight USA vs GHANA!! This was probably the best game yet, and its most likely going to get even better. I'm a huge soccer person! I played for 8 years, but unfortunately I had to choose between that or track. 

Anyways, today was pretty cloudy so I busted out my boyfriend pants! I kept telling Ben I needed a new pair of jeans, and he of course started counting how many I already had. So then I had to clarify, "no I need boyfriend jeans". He just looked at me and proceeded to tell me to just use his old jeans and cut them! He is so creative, but he's also 6'6 which means those pants would not fit, no matter how much I cut them.

My little shadow :)
Blazer- Zara, 
Jeans- H&M, Shirt- H&M, Shoes- From Sweden (DinSko)
Noah: Outfit from Baby Zara