How my 4-year old learned to ride a bike without training wheels

Friday, May 26, 2017

"Mom, lets go ride a bike outside, really fast"
- Noah

Last summer we got Noah a balance bike. It took him a little bit to get used to it, but once he did, he was cruising! He was always asking to go out and ride his bike, which has been so fun and we were constantly racing. It made my mommy heart so happy once he figured out how to cruise around. Ben and I knew we wanted to let him try a big boy bike once he felt super comfortable with his balance bike. We wanted to wait to give it to him for Christmas, but we couldn't wait once we got our package from Woom Bike . We were so giddy about it and couldn't wait for him to use it.
To be honest, I was pretty nervous about him riding it. The balance bike did its job. Everything that you've heard about a balance bike, is true! It teaches balance and coordination without worrying about wheels. Noah had the balance down, now he just needed to pedal. We explained that he now was a "big boy", and that his big boy bike had pedals that he needed to use. No kidding, Ben put him on the bike and right away he knew how to ride it. You know I was freaking out, jumping up and down. It was kind of a deja vu to when he started walking!!! What is happening to my firstborn, he is growing way too fast for my liking! 
He isn't cruising just yet, but he sure knows how to pedal and how to keep his balance. I love how light the bike is and the details everywhere. You guys know Ben's research skills in every little thing, and he said that this is one of the best kid bikes out there. Little things like the the height of the seat compared to the handlebars, the way the child sits, and the overall physics of the bike was so impressive. 
Also you need to check out their helmet collection h e r e, they are all AMAZING!I It is designed in Austria, it comes in different colors and it is available in 6 different sizes. Basically everyone in the family can have their own ;)! 

Enjoy your weekend!!

Disneyland with three kids ft. Baby Bjorn

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Olivia was obsessed with these balloons!

All the kids loved their BabyBjorn carriers, look at Kingston haha :)
Kelly Mindell, Brooke White & Summer Bellessa 

My family and I were invited to California with BabyBjorn along with 9 other amazing mamas. We had the craziest and most amazing 48h trip!! We left early Tuesday morning and drove to California! All of a sudden 5.5h seemed like no big deal and the kids did surprisingly so well! They invited us to Disneyland and we stayed at the Disneyland resort, and we loved every bit of it!! The hotel was so big, and I was a little overwhelmed haha but we had so much fun! 

Disneyland was better than I ever imagined as a kid!! I cannot wait to go back! We played hard, had lots to eat, rode rides with the kids and there are so much we didn't get to see still. Oh, and we ate a lot...did I already say that? I couldn't believe how BIG and how packed it was. I was honestly so worried I was going to lose a child, so I couldn't take as many pictures but we had the time of our lives! 

Throughout the entire day, I carried Kingston in my Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air. He woke up once to eat, which I did during the "Pirates of the Carribean" ride ha! Other than that, he slept the entire time!!! Right when I put the carrier on, I said "oh my goodness, this is so comfortable". You guys know that I have a bad back, and the fact that I carried Kingston for hours at Disneyland says a lot. I love that it can be used in so many different ways. This is most definitely my new favorite carrier and you can use it from newborn-3 years old. It has extra padded shoulder straps and great waist belt, which makes a huge difference. 

Thank you Disney and Baby Bjorn for having us, we can't wait to go back <3. 

Back on track- with The Diem App

Monday, May 1, 2017

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."
- Winston Churchill

By now, you know how much health and fitness is a part of my life. However, that doesn't mean that I don't have times where I slack. This past month I have been feeling pretty sluggish, low energy and unmotivated. I do not know why, maybe because I have a newborn and I'm getting very little sleep!? Haha, either way I needed a change!

This is where the The Diem App came to a rescue. It is a health and wellness app that provides individual practices to achieve your goals! How awesome is that? I have never been one to count my calories or anything similar, but it has been fun tracking my water intake, sleep, exercise and so on. 
I love that it comes with daily guidance for specific health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, multiple Sclerosis etc. According to your health goal, the Diem App will help you develop healthy habits, all while becoming a healthier you. 

I encourage you to download the app, you are given a 15-day free trial!. If you decide to continue with the app past those days, you will be entered in a contest! For the months of May-June, the company will donate 10% all subscription revenue the apps generates to whatever charity the winner chooses! How great is that? 

Wishing you all an amazing Monday!!

Tiny moments with Aveeno Baby

Friday, April 28, 2017

This post is sponsored by Aveeno Baby, however, all the opinions expressed are my own.

 I get real bad sun eczema, and my little boys have pretty sensitive skin. If you don't live in Arizona, you would say that a temperature in the high 80s is basically like summer. Luckily we haven't hit three digits just yet, and I cannot complain. However, with our sensitive skin, I have to be smart when we go out and about. If you're a busy mom like me, you'll want to pre-pack your diaper bag, with Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection® Sensitive Skin Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50  for an easy grab-and-go day in the sun with your littles. With safe and effective products at my fingertips, I can enjoy those #tinymoments outside with my family without worrying.

Because my babies have such sensitive skin, I always want to be careful with what I put on them. A couple of things that I love about the new Aveeno Baby sunscreen. 
The Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection® Sensitive Skin Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50 is formulated with oat to help lock in moisture and sooth babies’ delicate skin, while zinc oxide provides broad spectrum coverage to protect from the sun. 
The water resistant formula is hypoallergenic, tear-free and clinically shown to be as gentle as water. Water resistant is a game changer, because we are always at the pool! 
Without penetrating skin, this lightweight sunscreen leaves babies’ skin with a non-greasy and non-sticky feel.
Dermatologist and pediatrician recommended.
Free of all parabens, phthalates, dyes, fragrances and chemical sunscreen ingredients
·         Available now, January 2017, you can get yours at Walmart h e r e.

I wish you all an amazing weekend,  and don't forget to protect your babies!!


What I will be wearing all summer!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If you show up looking more glam than the rest,
whats the worst-case scenario?
You look THE BEST in the room?
- Rachel Zoe

I never used to be a dress kind of girl, but now that we live in Arizona I have grown up ;) . The only time I'd wear a dress would be for church. Now that it is warm again, I will be living in dresses pretty much every day. 
I got this basic maxi dress from pink blush and it is easily one of my favorite dresses in my closet. I have it in black and I'm probably going to get the grey one as well. I paired it with sandals and a hat (bad hair day), but it can easily be dressed up! If you are looking for an everyday easy dress, I highly recommend this one!! The slit on the side makes it fun, and still modest :)

I hope you all have an amazing day!


Not today Satan, not today!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

"It is not what you are that holds you back,
It is what YOU
think you are not."

I preach about confidence and loving who you are all the time. I too have times when I let the adversary tell me that I'm not enough. I'm not cute enough. I'm not doing enough. I'm not a good mom. I'm not making enough. I looked myself in the mirror the other day, and you know what I did? I started picking at things that I didn't like. Ugh, my hair, my face looks like I'm going through puberty again. My abs don't look like they used too. My skin is all stretched out. On top of that, my kids have been extra difficult this week and I have felt super defeated. 
Why do we pick ourselves apart? Why do we spend our thoughts and emotions on what we don't like and wish we could change about ourselves? Or why do we compare our worsts with other peoples best! Why do we let Satan dictate our happiness? I literally said out loud "Satan, not today". Here's the thing, we do not need to justify him being in our heads. I remembered this during that very moment, Satan is smiling while I was crying. This only happens because I allow him to. I also remembered the power of prayer. That I can tell him, "Bye Satan, not today" and he will be gone. Whenever the adversary tries to bring you down, force yourself to say prayer. Give him a big fat BYYYYYYYYE 
Among the things we don’t have or can’t do, one thing you do have that you can’t trade for anything is a knowledge that Heavenly Father is yours and loves, listens, and helps us regardless of our ‘flaws’ or shortcomings. That is what matters most.

Be kind to yourself. Be proud of yourself. Because you are good enough. You are pretty enough. You are strong enough. You are worth it. You do deserve the best. You do deserve to be happy always. Do not hold yourself back any longer because you are freaking amazing. Strive everyday to be a little better, to be the best you. Believe in yourself.


My secret to how I do "it" all

Monday, April 10, 2017

Never doubt a mother. 
She can carry a screaming toddler,  
two gallons of milk, 
talk on her cell phone and
 still slap you for looking at her crazy.

I can't stop laughing at this quote, it is so funny and so real!! Lately I have had people ask me, "how do you do it all fatty?". You have three kids, you're a wife, you cook, you have time to workout, you blog, you have your fitness The answer is very simple,  I don't . Truth is, my house is a mess 90% of the time. There is usually a pile of laundry that needs to be folded or washed. I love cooking, but costco pizza is also our jam! I usually remember that Noah is in charge of snacks at preschool the day of! I am totally winning haha. I bribe my kids often because #youdowhatyougottado and we all end up happy! 
Oh, and I eat a lot of chocolate and ice cream :)

Somedays I am on survival mode and others I feel like super mom! 
I think we all do it, we just do "it" differently. We are all super stars in our children's eyes. We are their biggest heroes. Don't let someone else's strength make you feel less of a mom. I wish I was a cleaning freak, a baker, a craft monster and other things...but I'm not! 
And guess what? That is OKAY, because I am a whole lot of other great things! And so are YOU!