It only took me 6 years...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ever since I came to Utah, I have always seen people wear tie-dye clothing! Friends would gather and make their own cool and colorful shirts.  I never really fell for the trend, until I found this dress and I fell in love. So after 6 years I finally own my first tie-dye article of clothing :)
Many of you know my obsession with clothes, I went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time the other day and found it there. There was lots of stuff everywhere, didn't dare to look too long because I was afraid of wanting too much haha! It was definitely worth going tho, lots and lots of cute stuff! :)

Photo creds: Ben :)
Dress: Nordstrom rack, shoes from Sweden.
Noah: Shirt from Zara,  shorts children's place and sandals from target


  1. I Looooove that dress, looks so good on ya!!!

  2. The dress looks amazing on you!! :)

    1. you're a sweetheart, thank you!! Also when you guys come to utah, we need to play :)