Cara and Ray's engagements!

Friday, August 8, 2014

My brother Ray is getting married!!!! I never thought this day would come, jk I love you Ray!
I am so excited and happy for him and Cara and I cannot wait for their big day! We decided to drive up the canyon, where our first location we chose had some kind of event so everything was occupied. We decided to drive a little further, and found a really pretty area. When we got there, all of a sudden it started raining so I got a little nervous but luckily those rain clouds flew by quickly. After this session, we went to one of my favorite fields in provo and took some more pictures. I had such a good time shooting these lovebirds, they were seriously so fun and they're just glowing of happiness. I was honored to be their photographer and I probably laughed just as much as they did. Hope y'all enjoy the pictures, I had the hardest time picking pictures :)

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