Thursday, October 30, 2014

 ...Loving you

Welcome second trimester :)
Noah: Jacket: Old Navy, Shirt: Howi, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Converses
Me: Cardigan Olivia wares, Shirt: Old navy, Shoes: Nordstrom rack, Pants: Sexymodest

Yesterday, I was asked by an old BYU teacher of mine, questions that made me reflect on Motherhood. I never thought in a million years that I would be sitting in America, married and pregnant with my second child. I always dreamed about being this professional athlete and most people that I meet, remember "fatty, the girl that will run in the olympics". Besides my love for sports, my love for children is even bigger. Yes, I always dreamed to one day be in the Olympics but as I grew older I knew that there was something much more important. I knew that Heavenly Father had a greater plan and purpose for me.
My coach once asked me "If you could choose one thing you would want to be in life, what would it be?" I answered without hesitation, a mother
Heather first asked me, "do you miss running"? 
I miss having a structured workout, sometimes its hard coming up with what to do on your own. I still run, and plan on running as long as I can/desire. I'm going to miss competing, that is really the reason to why we train, to perform. 
She then asked me, "do you regret quitting"? 
Absolutely not, I reached my goals and I just knew it was time. It was time for me to be a full-time Mother, and I would never change that. I love my "job" it is hard at times but yet so rewarding. Heather has 5 children, and I was telling her how nervous I was to have my second one. She quickly replied "don't be, you think one is fun, two is even BETTER". So far I have only heard horror stories haha, so if you have positive things to say about bringing a second child and how it is, feel free to share :)
Isn't it interesting how Heavenly Father switches things that you used to love so much, to something you love even more. In french, theres a saying "chaque chose en son temps". It makes perfect sense, google it :)
Last night we drove by the hospital and the helicopter was outside, so we decided to take noah and show him. The pilot and nurse was there, and they immediately turned the helicopter on and let noah sit in the passenger seat. As I was watching them making this experience so cool for Noah, I immediately teared up. I have never seen Noah smile SO BIG, this kid was in heaven. This was one of those moments where I wish it could last forever. It was so dark, so we didn't get good pictures, but I will never forget that smiling face. To anyone who is scared or doubting, this truly is the greatest calling in life. 
I promise xoxo