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Saturday, May 23, 2015

One of my absolute favorite things during the newborn stage, is how cuddly they are!  I love feeling baby O as close to me as possible. Now, with a toddler, I can't always be laying down with my baby on my chest.  How do I entertain Noah and enjoy this newborn stage at the same time (we all know the cuddles don't last forever)? 
When I was contacted by Lalabu, I knew this shirt was exactly what I was waiting for.  It's a stylish top, cozy pouch for baby, and it has a nursing bra, all in one! Genius right?
I use this tank top more than I'd like to admit, but how can I not?
I love how the pouch creates an intimate swaddle against me.  It's almost like she's back in the womb. There's a head support for when the baby is sleeping, and you can easily move it when they're awake. Baby O falls asleep in it within a good 5 minutes.  She loves it as much as I do! The nursing bra is such a bonus, because you don't need to wear an extra bra underneath and it covers your stomach! While having her cozied up to me, I can still do lots of other important things like play with Noah. 
Everytime I've worn it outside, I've gotten so many people oooing and awing about it.
I know that there are a lot of things you should have with a baby, but this s a must-have. 

Check out their website h e r e and get yourself, or someone you know, one now!

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