Multi-use nursing cover!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I cannot believe that I didn't know about Covered Goods when I first had Noah. There were countless times where I wanted to slap peoples' hands, because they tried touching my newborn baby. Sometimes I felt like snapping at others (yes, I'm that over-protective parent). Who knows were their hands had been or if they were sick.  Now, I don't even have to worry about getting into those uncomfortable situation, thanks to Covered Goods! I instantly feel a sense of relief whenever I use my cover, it also comes in handy whenever I need to breastfeed in public. I don't have to worry about clothing or skin showing in the back, and strangers don't need to feel uncomfortable either.  I absolutely love the flower print, but I love peaking at my little girl even more. It seems to sooth her too, every time the cover is on she falls asleep so fast (I'm totally okay with that). 
If you don't owe one, I would highly recommend it! Get yours here :)


  1. Amazing multi-functional cover. I need a newborn just for one of these, haha.