Family game- Yahtzee

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Every family has a game where things can get heated and real competitive. Our family game is Yahtzee. Growing up with 7 siblings, board games
were a huge thing in our family. Family gatherings, holidays, birthdays, bored on a Friday night, basically we were always playing Yahtzee. It gets really loud, sometimes we argue, but it is always a great time. Now that most of us live all over the world, we love that we can play it on our phone. The best part you is that the app is free and you can choose you opponents. You can play it with friends, family or random opponents. I love that you can social chat with your family while you play. Which means there is still a lot of trash talking :)
If you don't have the app, I promise you will get just as addicted to is as we are haha.
I miss my siblings so much! We have a group chat and we often will screenshot our results and brag about them! What is your family game? 


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  1. We LOOOOOVE Yahtzee in our family as well!