Summer body- Swimsuits

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Forget about size and weight,
just make sure you do good things for your mind and body daily.

It is no secret that stripes and floral is my favorite combo. My friend Kristi over at June Loop Swimwear hand makes the most amazing swimsuits. She has endless amounts of combinations for you and your daughters. O and I both own several of her pieces and they are very well made. I love this 
"sportbra" style, because I can hide my tan line and because its different from the usual styles. 
Make sure to check out the swimsuits, they sell out quickly!!

My dear friend Jacquie over at Jaykaiy, custom made this suit for me. Initially it wasn't made to be a maternity suit but it totally works as one. When she took my measurements we had no idea there was a human growing inside me. I have had multiple people ask about this suit, and she doesn't have them up on her site because it was a custom made suit. I would highly encourage you to contact her if you want a customized one. You will not regret it, I promise!

Photography by:  Cecilia Harvard

Whether you are pregnant or not, I hope you feel beautiful in whatever swimsuit you wear. I tried this  swimsuit from Albion Fit and I about died. It isn't a maternity suit, but it has belly "fringe" and totally works. I would size up so you could wear it your whole pregnancy or just get your regular size and wear it until you think there isn't any more room. I absolutely love the floral design and the one-shoulder style. I own many suits from Albion, and they never disappoint. I love their unique styles, and every year they come up with more amazing prints!



  1. Looking good girl! Love those prints too.

  2. Aren't you the cutest bump?!?!? Absolutely love these swimsuits on you!
    XO Amanda |