Happy birthday to ME!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This has been such a great birthday weekend/birthday!
On Saturday, Ben had to worked in the morning, it was really boring to make/eat breakfast for myself. So I decided to be productive and run some errands while he was gone.
We then went and returned some wedding gifts (yes I know, we are still doing that) and got some groceries and things for our apartment! I just love Hobby-lobby, it's full of great ideas and fun things. Anyway, after getting our things done we drove to Layton to the In-laws and spend the weekend there. Can I just say that I have the BEST in-laws ever!! They sure know how to take care of me and make me feel loved, I am so grateful for them.
Sunday night we had a lil party that my momma in-law prepared for me, she made one of my favorite meals, my favorite ice cream and my favorite cake red velvet!!! I know, she is truly amazing.
On my actual birthday, I woke up from Ben singing Happy Birthday to me with my favorite cupcake :) After practice, Ben took me to lunch and we had all you can eat sushi. Now, if you know us, you know how much we love sushi, this time we just had a little bit too much of it and we left the restaurant both feeling like throwing up. I seriously got fed all day, and got so many cute messages and little gifts from so many people. My family skyped me and sang for me, I miss them so much! My little nephews from London even called and sang for me! I love my family :)
After my 8PM class, Liz took me to awful waffle and we had some delicious crepes!
All in all, I had a great birthday. Now I am going to go watch some Grey's anatomy sense my lovely husband got me almost ALL seasons :)

                              Haha, we planned to make this face!

                                                                                         I just LOVE this guy!

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