It has been way too long!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I first want to apologize for being the worst blogger ever!! I knew when we started this that I would be really bad at updating, but you know what? Aint gonna happen no more!!
I got a text from my good friend Kelli Livingston today and she said "dude you need to update your blog"  Hahaha, she was so right!

I promise we didn't die or anything, and I promise to update this blog more often!
Summer has basically kicked in and we have been able to spend lots and lots of time together like a married couple!! No more leaving during the weekends for me!

My momma in law came to every track meet I had in utah, she's just too cute!!

My handsome husband has supported me all the way!

Me and lizzy won our events :) This meet also happened to be my last home meet at BYU.

One of the best parts with summer is BBQ, Ben knows what he's doing and I tell you what it was delicious!!!

Sometimes I can't handle the heat, but with this hat at least my face will be somewhat protected ha! I know for sure I will need it for our up-coming trip. 

I was really blessed and fortunate to make it to regionals, which was my last meet in a BYU jersey. I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had to come here and be a part of such an amazing team and program. Great memorize and everlasting friendships! It makes me so sad thinking that I'm done, and it's crazy how fast these 4 years went! But I am super excited for the future and new adventures with Ben! 
Me and coach just watching the track meet, ha I'm gonna miss bugging this guy!

Me and ben are both taking classes, but we get done pretty early so LOTS of free time!! We went to the batting cages and it was my very first time. It was seriously so much fun!! I felt like a little kid at Christmas!! This is were ben used to go when he was little with his daddy!

Ben and badger!! We bought him a new toy and it was destroyed in a couple hours ha!

Ben showing off his skills in intramural softball, I'm not gonna lie he's GOOD! He's playing with the men in our ward, and they're way good. I love watching him, I am also obsessed with kids playing baseball..they're SO CUTE!!! I can't wait to be a lil baseball mom and go watch my kids play!

Yesterday, was our 5 month anniversary...5 months!!!! I know it's not long at all, but it went by so fast!!! I have loved every single day with this guy. I'm so lucky to know that I will be spending eternity with him! There's seriously never a dull moment with this guy, I know my abs are gonna be in shape forever :)


  1. Beautiful blog post! I can't wait to see more of them and read more and more about your adventures! Happy 5 months!!

  2. Cute post. Love all the pics! You two are so cute.