Lil brownie in the oven!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The rumors are true, we are having a BABY!!!
Ben calls him/her little brownie :) we are more then thrilled for our little one and cannot wait till February! Lots of people already knew, but we figured we might as well blog about it too. I will probably talk lots about it on here, so prepare yourselves. 

Today I started week 18, and it is so weird how fast time goes and how fast this baby grows. I swear I get bigger and bigger everyday! Ha, the other day someone asked me if I was having TWINS!?? I know I'm showing, but I'm not that big! Our doctor has pointed out several times that my uterus may or may not be bigger than the usual size it should be...I blame that on Ben because he was 10 lb. as a baby! I am a little scared of the thought of pushing out a 10lb. baby, but my amazing mother in law did it so I keep telling myself so can I :)

Top 5 questions people ask me: 

How do you feel?
My answer is awesome, I really do! I wasn't really sick my first trimester but I did throw up about 4 times and felt great right after. One thing that changed really quick was me having the need to eat and drink something cold all the time. I wasn't used to drinking and eating often so if I didn't I would feel nauseous. 

Do you have any cravings?
I did crave popcorn for a little bit during my first trimester, I crave sour patches and chinese food. I LOVE absolutely love cold fruit and drinks, and maybe that is because it's so hot outside but either way I love it. I snack on fruit and nuts all the time, so I am convinced our baby is going to think my breast milk will be fruity. 

Do you feel different?
Uhm, not really...yet! I felt a kick (twice) the other day and I screamed in class! It was like a punch from the inside! Other than that, the only times I feel different is when we hear the heartbeat because it is like a little reminder that I have a person in my belly or when I look down and see how my baby bump is growing :)

Are you still going to be working out?
Absolutely, I lifted "hardcore" til I was about 10w before I really knew I was pregnant ha! I did notice my chest being bigger than before but that didn't stop me from working out. Now I try to run everyday and lift at least 2x a week. I got a "pregnancy" lifting work out and I am sore at all times, I promise I'm taking it easy and not lifting hard at all. I want to do as much as I can until I get huge and start waddling   (lets hope that doesn't happen). 

Do you want a boy or a girl?
I want a healthy baby :) I do think we are having a boy, and ben think's its a girl! We will announce the gender in about 2w, so stay tuned!


  1. Freaking out! So happy for you guys!!! You will be the cutest mom!! You go girl on working out! It totally pays off after:) can't wait to see your babe!!!

  2. CONGRATS!!!!! Your baby will be so, SO precious!!