Remember that one time?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

...I said I wasn't going to take forever to update this blog?
You would think I would get on here and write lots of things since I have so much time on my hands, and I'm constantly on my computer Ha!
Anywho, what has being going on in our lives these past months? 
During the month of July, BYU has different sport camps and I worked as a "coach" for track and speed and power. I can honestly say that I loved it, I love coaching and I hope one day I will be able to coach some high school kids.

I randomly got a call one day from a former teammate asking me if I could babysit her nephew? Haha, I know super random, but her sister lived in provo and they had a little boy and they were in process of moving/finding a new job and so life was really stressful for them. She said she thought of me because I love children, she wasn't wrong :) Ben was working almost everyday and so I figured I might as well get some practice right? I gladly accepted it, he was only 5 weeks when I started!!!! Ok, so I absolutely LOVE babies/children but I'm not going to lie I was a little bit scared at first because he was so little. The first day was a little bit scary, but I got in to it and I just kept thinking I can't wait to have my own. Besides babies being cute and just hungry at all times, they poop like crazy! Holy cow haha...but totally worth it! 
Our friend got married and we wanted to steal this little creature, he was so cute!!! As cheesy as it sounds, seeing my husband around kids just makes my whole body smile :)

Ok, enough with the baby talk. I'm going to skip a little bit because I don't want you guys to get bored, but Ben turned 24 and we went to see BATMAN. It was absolutely amazing, and ever since he keeps talking in the "bane" voice and I may or may not be regretting going to watch it. After the movie I made him his favorite dish (chicken curry) and then we had some friends over for some dessert :)

One of my dearest friends finally got back from her mission!!!! Megan McAdams, it is so crazy how 1,5 seriously just flew by and so many things happen. But we are glad to have her back and excited to keep her here.
Friends since freshmen year :)

Last thing that we are extremely excited for is football season!!! It is finally here, I feel like we have been watching baseball for years!!


  1. I love it! GO COUGARS!!!

  2. Besides me looking like a heffer, this is so cute Fati! I can't wait to stalk your blog for the rest of my life