Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When we got married, we never had the chance to go on a "honeymoon"because we got married right when indoor season started. He did surprise me with some awesomeness after our wedding day, but it wasn't our "real honeymoon". Anyways, after our spring semester Ben surprised me with a Hawaii vacation, and I definitely couldn't have been happier. My whole life I have always wanted to go there, and it was AMAZING!!
We went to oahu, and we stayed on the North Shore in a really cute condo at Turtle Bay. When we arrived, we had to drive to owners of the condo and we didn't realize how far everything was so its started to get really dark by the time we got there. It took us forever to find it and Ben was just walking on someone's property (the wrong house) haha I seriously thought someone was going to come out with a gun.

Anyways, enough with the stories here are some pictures from our adventure :)

The first beach we went to (Laie beach aka the mormon beach)

 Ben looking good at the pool and working on his tan ;)
Hawaii being extremely pretty, this day the waves literally ruined my camera :( But good thing we still had our phones so we could still take pictures.

Another thing could be crossed off my bucket list, SNORKELING!!!! It seriously was the most fun thing I have ever done in the water.

I had the best shrimp I have ever had in my entire life!

Ben really really really wanted to find these malasadas so we searched for a couple of hours, and he was very happy when we found them.

The Pali lookout, it was absolutely gorgeous

We heard the shaved ice was a must have, and it was so juicy!

Ben was literally crying because this Korean this Korean guy was ridiculously funny. I wish this was a better picture of him, but he was out of control! And the end of the show he kissed the tongans chest, and no it wasn't a part of the show. 

I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend, I had so much fun and lots of time to relax! We ate so much food and literally overdosed on fruit (mangos) but you don't go to hawaii everyday! We had to take advantage of the amazing fruits! Now back to reality :)


  1. AHHH this looks amazing! I'm so jealous. I overdosed on mangos, my body was seriously on a high. ha hope you two love birds are doing good! miss you!

    1. Hahaa, they were just too good!!! Miss you too pretty girl!!