Holy 2 months!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I need to get better at updating this blog...

It is absolutely crazy to me that Noah is already 2 months and growing so fast. I feel like lots of moms kept telling they grow fast, you just wait. Well Its true, although he's still a baby he has gotten so much personality and we discover new things everyday.
Being a mommy has truly been such a blessing in our little family, it is the BEST but also the HARDEST calling I have gotten so far. Luckily things gets better every day, and the more we get to know Noah the easier it gets. 
Unfortunately Noah got sick a couple weeks ago, and that was so scary, sad and heartbreaking. But he's a champ and got better pretty quick (thank heavens). I would never wish this on anyone, specially not a first time mother. We felt so helpless and all we could do was pray and stay up all night ;)
My mother stayed with us for 3 weeks, and it was so great to have her here.
I am absolutely excited for this semester to be done so Ben can play with us all day. This is probably one of his hardest semesters at UVU and he is still acing his classes. I really hope Noah gets his brain haha :)

Highlight of the week: His little laugh, he giggles and giggles and it melts my heart

Ok, I don't want to write too much...if you follow me on instagram (fatchima) you get to see lots and lots of picture of noah but here are some :)

This is probably my favorite pic, he is just an angel.




He's 4 weeks in this picture!! I need to put my instagram pictures so y'all can see how much bigger he has gotten :)

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