I'm a Mother

Sunday, March 10, 2013

People always told me, having a child will change your life...for the better. I never knew what they meant until I became a mother.
Today our little Noah is 3 weeks, it seems like it was yesterday and it is so crazy how much he changes everyday. 3 weeks ago, Noah came into this world and it completely changed our lives. There he was, our perfect little angel and we were his parents. He slept, ate, pooped and cried :) 

Week 1
Mom and Dad were trying to get the hang of parenthood, and we realized pretty quick how different it was but how much we learned everyday. Noah decided that he was the man of the house and would be sleepy all day and fuss during the night. Luckily grandma Chris came and helped us a couple of nights so we could get some rest. We would usually go to bed at around 10, but now we had to change it up a little. Ben is now an expert when it comes to changing diapers haha, we also didn't realize how many diapers and wipes we would use per day. 
Noah likes to smile with his eyes shut, when he hears music or when we sing to him. He also has a lot of friends and family that loves him so much.

Week 2
He is growing everyday, and it is so cool to see how he just changes all the time. Noah decided that he felt bad that we barely got any sleep last week, so he decided to sleep better during the night. We are okay with that :) He likes to pee right when we change his diaper haha. He had his 2w appointment and now weighs 7 lbs 11 and is 20 inch. The doctor said that he was looking great and she was happy that he liked my milk. Mom and Dad have been a little paranoid about little things, but we quickly learned that it is all normal for babies.
He wasn't a fan of getting washed but as soon as we could start bathing him, he loved it. 

Week 3
KoKo (grandma in lingala) is here, my mother flew from Sweden to stay with us for 3 weeks!! I haven't seen her for over a year, so this is going to be awesome. Noah is no longer fitting in newborn clothes and is now wearing 3month! He knows who we are, he loves to stare at us...the other day he smiled at koko with his eyes open :)
He loves car rides, falls asleep right away and he went to the mall for the first time. But we kept him away from people. He also got to meet his great grandfather/mother and his great great grandmother for the first time at my birthday dinner. He makes the funniest faces and loves to be cuddled...
We are so blessed to be his parents and are loving it.


We love you little Noah.


  1. oh my gosh. how darling is your little family!? hazel needs to come meet your handsome noah. i'm happy to see you are adjusting well and i'm sure he just loves his mommy and daddy. you sure make cute kids! congrats, fatty. the first three weeks can be tough, but you're handling it like a champ. love you guys!

    1. I mean its tough for sure, but so worth it!! And yes lets have a mommy date so our little ones can meet each other!! Thank you so much <3