Thursday, February 7, 2013

It is crazy to think that I have been pregnant for over 37 weeks! That is just sooooo long, ha!
Don't get me wrong, being pregnant has been one good but long ride! I have been waiting for the day when my doctor tells me I am full term and now that I am, I'm totally okay with him coming any day now!!

We are super nervous but also so excited to finally meet our little boy! I am convinced that he is just teasing me because we both know he doesn't have any room in there. He literally kicks and moves all day long! His nursery is done and so cute, his carseat is set, my bag is ready now we just need these contractions to start! 4 of my friends have had their babies in the last week, and it has made me even more excited for our turn.

I am just so amazed with the fact that I am growing a human being inside me, and how women do this EVERYDAY, it truly amazes me. Ive had lots of time to reflect and think about this little journey, and I'm so grateful of how much me and ben have grown closer to each other and how much we already love our little boy. It amazes me how he already knows us, by our touch and our voices. He also loves music, whenever there's music playing he will kick for hours! 
The other day me and Ben were just watching tv and I looked down on my tummy and I could see how  it was lightly moving but very fast (like there was a pulse). So Ben put his head next to it where the doc usually finds the heartbeat and he could HEAR his heartbeat!!!!! I'm not going to lie, I wanted to cry and I was a little jealous because I wish I could just hear it like that. I know he will come when he is suppose to and when he is ready, I hope its soon :)

I love you little one. 

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