Happy Anniversary!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I love him, Happy anniversary love.

It's been a year already!? Now that went by so quick, but what a journey its been! I couldn't even describe how amazing this year has been, and how much fun we have had. Still learning things about each other every day.
I feel like its been way longer, probably because we have been together for almost 3 years! Marriage life has by far been the BEST of the years tho :)

Ben had planned a getaway to Moab and usually Moab would be warmer than Provo, but in this case it was freezing! We didn't really want to drive all over there and then hike in negative degrees ha! So we decided to stay in Provo, I had to work really early in the morning and when I came home ben had made me breakfast which I had during a little spa session :). It was a great way to start the day!

We then hung out, Ben got a nice haircut, we listened to our wedding songs, looked at pictures, set some new goals for the year and things we want to do and just remembered our special day! He later took me on a shopping spree, which I was super stoked about! I love buying clothes, but getting maternity clothes hasn't been my favorite thing...I can't wait to buy "normal" clothes ha! I still haven't gotten pants yet, and I'm debating If I should? I've heard they're super comfortable...I just feel its pointless because I'm getting so close! Had some amazing chicken tikka masala, INDIAN food! I love food all together, but Indian is my very favorite.

Getting ready for some Spa!
We had some classic crepes at Awful waffle!

If you haven't had Indian food before, you need to try it! It will change your life.

Such a handsome boy!! 

I love spending my days with Ben, I'm sad now though because school starts and he's going to be so busy with that! But we are getting so excited for our little boy to be here! Ben set up the crib the other day and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

33 weeks and counting!!!


  1. Stort grattis till ett år som gift och till den lille som snart är här! Roligt att läsa om ditt liv i Utah och om graviditeten, det får mig att minnas min egen graviditet som känns väldigt avlägsen trots att det bara var 4 månader sen Sam föddes! Jag ska hålla tummarna för att du slipper gå över tiden som jag gjorde!

    1. Tack så mycket Jennifer!!! Det känns helt sjukt hur snabbt tiden går! Din lille Sam är så himla SÖT!!! Haha, tack så mycket!! Hoppas du och din familj mår toppen!! Kram

  2. You're getting so close!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I'm so excited for you two. That little boy has got some AWESOME parents.

    1. Ah thank you Mindy!!! We are getting so so so excited...still feels like miles away tho ha, but we can't wait!