Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What a Year it has been! We are just so grateful for all the many blessings we have received throughout this year, and we are more then thrilled about 2013! It truly has been our best year by far, and we cannot wait for new adventures, new memories and new stories. Ben got me a new camera for Christmas, so prepare yourselves for lots and lots of pictures!!!
Here are some highlights of 2012!

Getting married was the best way to start of the year! Having my family there from Sweden was so much fun! I miss them everyday.

My sisters are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!
 My parents went on their first College game, and they loved it! I absolutely love these two, I am forever grateful for all they have done. They absolutely loved Utah, and I can't wait for them to come visit again.

Family dinner before the wedding, with Sam and Bridgett!

Haha, I think we stayed up way to long and were just acting like fools. Rakeb my very best friend, everyone needs a friend like her. Emelie is also one of my best friends, and she also came for the wedding!! I hadn't seen her in over a year! We just had a party everyday :)

This guy, its been 2 great years! What a great coach he is, BYU has been blessed to have him as a coach. 

BYU VS UTAH.....Everytime we race, its always a good one. This time the odds were in my favor, had a great race and it was my last one in utah.
Regionals, it was such a blessing to qualify for it and I had such a great time and one of my best races ever. It also happened to be at one of my favorite tracks, in Texas!! 

My mother in law is a true fan, she came to ALL my meets in utah, and cheered me on.

My favorite sister missionary is BACK!! Still as crazy, but oh so good to have her here. I surely missed this little sistra :D

Before we went to hawaii, I took a pregnancy test and this is what my reaction was to the result!

 Hawaii, was our honeymoon and it was the best trip! We had so much fun, and got to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. I can now cross that off my "wish list". Hope to go back there again sometime.
Played some intramural flag football

                   Worked during july and august as a coach at track camp, which was a blast!

                       THIS GIRL, my partner in crime came and visited :) oh how I love her!

We went to Heber creeper on a nice sunny day!

This is me halfway through the pregnancy!!! So crazy how fast time flies by. We are just so excited for our little boy to get here :)

He's the reason I smile everyday.

 Last pic of 2012, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! We wish you all the best, and lots of great things for the coming year. Love you all, the Dedrickson's.

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