Land of the free!

Monday, July 7, 2014

People, or Americans I should say, get really excited about the 4th of July! So I decided to have a good attitude about it and make it a good one. First off, it was Ben's grandmothers birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY grandma!!! :) Second, one of my really good friends Davita, drove from Arizona so we had planned some fun things to do (mostly eatable things of course).
Ben had work, so me and Noah had a big breakfast together and then we went to watch the parade. I was a little worried. I knew it would be loud, lots of people and a little crazy but noah was fearless. He seriously loved everything about it, which made it even more fun.  Every time the bands were playing music, he would clap and dance. When the horses came, he would point and then make the noise of a horse. Towards the end, there were some cops that asked if they could take a picture with Noah because he was so entertaining and cute. Haha I totally agree. :)
After the parade, Davita and I got the food for the BBQ ready. When Ben came home we ate and ate and ate lots of food. We are getting old, because by the time the fireworks came we were laying in bed watching them from our window!

This monkey looking thing came and gave Noah a high five  
Someone also gave him a lollipop!

Apparently, you're not American if you don't have apple pie on the 4th!