Virginia did us good!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My studly husband got a PA (physician assistant) school interview in Virginia, so we decided to make it a little family vacation. First off, Ben was born in DC, and has many childhood memories from the east coast so he was extremely excited to be going back there. I had never been, so I was even more excited to see a different part of America. I had been looking up pictures everyday and it was absolutely gorgeous. The pictures did not do the place justice, it was even prettier in real life. Anyways, we had a pretty early flight, a layover in Atlanta and arrived in Richmond around 3:30 PM. As we got off the airplane, the humidity welcomed us with open arms. :)
We got to stay with one of my best friend's, Liz, parents. They are serving as the mission president, and mission mom, there. So we were really excited and honored to stay with them the first two day. After we then stayed at Virginia beach!
Let me just tell you guys, we drove about 2 hours to get to our hotel and the whole drive was just insanely beautiful! Green, green and more green... everywhere!! That same day, Ben had his interview around 12, so while he was gone we went shopping and then played at the pool.  It was great! Every person we came across was so nice, for a second I thought we were back in Utah! Alright, I'm done rambling, but we had a really fun vacation and I wouldn't mind going back to live there. 
Enjoy the pictures :)
This is what our drives looked like...

We went exploring :)

Who wouldn't want to live here?

Funny story, after church we decided to go to a park and let Noah play around. In my mind I was thinking "there should be a park by the church" right? No, everything was 20min or more away. I forgot that we weren't in Utah, where there are parks/churches everywhere. 

He played until he felt raindrops, it was perfect timing because we were getting tired.

Starting early, Noah loved playing basketball with daddy.

Mom, the beach is that way!

The water was cold hahaha