Finding love in working out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

By now, I think you all know how much I love working out. It comes so natural to me and I honestly think it is a lot of fun. I will say this though, I do not go and run miles! That is not my kind of workouts, lets be real that doesn't even sound fun. Surprisingly, to others, that is their kind of workouts.
Being obsessed with fashion, I secretly love being a fashionista while I work out as well. I teamed up with an old teammate Jenessa for a little workout at our old stomping grounds (BYU track). Btw, she is an awesome styleblogger/makeup expert with her own youtube channel! Check her out :)
 We thought we would give you a little taste of what fun workouts are to us, while still being fashionable.
Who else likes to workout in style?

Tank: Walmart, Tights: Nike, Shoes: Nike, Sports bra: Nike

Tank: Gap, Tights: Nike, Shoes: Nike, Headband: Nike

5 tips to develop a love for training
1. Make it FUN!!! Seriously, be willing to do different things. Not always the typical stair master, or elliptical (those aren't very fun)
2. Find someone to work out with, your spouse, friend, child and random at the gym!
3. Take one day at a time! Sometimes we get too eager and forget that it takes time and dedication to achieve those results we want.
4. Set reachable goals, meaning don't set to high of goals that will discourage you because it is too hard.
5. HAVE FUN, did I already say that? Being sore is awesome, because you know you worked hard :)



  1. Love it the pics turned out awesome! Love your photography work! Can't wait till next time! XoXo

    1. You're so sweet, and yesterday was a blast!!! I'm too excited for more xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Girl, lets!! We can talk about it tomorrow :)

  3. Gorgeous pics! I miss really working out. Hopefully this pregnancy sickness will subside soon so I can get back into it!

    1. Awww, i sure hope so for your sake too!! And we can have workout play dates :) Actually the provo rec center is perfect for it!