I'm weird sometimes, ha!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Here are 5 things y'all probably didn't know about me!

1. I bite my jaw whenever I'm nervous, running (specially when I'm tired), bored, watching an intense movie. Haha, seriously sometimes it gets so bad that I'm hurting for hours after.

2. I know people probably did this when they were younger, hold your breath while driving under a bridge. I still do it!!! I seriously cannot help it, Ben thinks I'm so weird for doing that! When we went to Virginia, there were a couple loooong bridges so I would take really "quick" breaths whenever I needed more air.

3. I have to sleep with a big/warm comforter every night, even when it's summer. My dear husband, who gets really hot easily has to put out with it. Good thing he loves me :) If I get hot, I usually just let my feet out and that magically gets me cooler. Anyone else do this? Or is it just me...

4. I slept with socks on every night until I came to college, now my feet are way lighter then the rest of my body.

5. I used to be addicted to ice! It got so bad that we had to throw away the ice makers and I got my sisters hooked to. When I came to BYU, I took an iron test and my level was 6. A healthy woman is suppose to be over 40, the doctor asked me how I was living everyday. NO wonder, I was always SO tired. So, I had told my sisters to go get tested and low and behold they were anemic as well. We are all doing great now tho, thanks to those iron pills :)

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