Straight hair- cozy sweater!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I must say THANK YOU to all the amazing compliments for my hair. I went natural almost 2 years ago, and decided no more relaxer. It has been a real trial, but so so so worth it. I have never flat ironed my hair, so it was a fun little change and we even trimmed it. My hair was actually so long! I kind of felt like a white girl for a minute haha... My hair was blowing in the wind :D

 My good friend Kelly is amazing, she did my eyelashes and I am secretly.... okay, not secretly.... obsessed.

Jacket: H&M, Sweater: Sexymodest, Tights: Nike, Boots: Forever21, Socks: Kohls

Holy moly, it is freezing!!! I'm scared that this winter is going to be miserable. I already feel like its miserable, and it's not even thanksgiving yet! I remember with Noah, the winter was awesome because I had my personal heater. This little girl hasn't gotten to that point yet, because I'm constantly cold. Everytime I go out, I wear as little as possible because I'm in denial. 
Anyways, I'm featuring this cozy sweater from Sexymodest, and it is one of my favorites. I already love big sweaters, because I'm not a "tight clothes" kind of person. Most of my sweaters are perfect for pregnancy, win win for me. I just wore it with my thick nike tights and boots :) 
What are your favorite clothing items right now?

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