Stockholm and leather pants!

Monday, March 2, 2015

8 weeks left, and I get to hold my little girl!!!

Cecilia and I went shooting the other day, and as we were taking pictures these two young students got out of their car and started DANCING!! We obviously thought that was weird, but continued with our shoot. Before we knew it, they were right by me and asking to photobomb one picture! My face says it all... we were so confused and they were so proud! Oh BYU students ;)

Photo creds: Cecilia :)

Jacket & Shirt: Forever21, Shirt is size L and jacket M
Leather pants: Agnes and Dora, size Small 
Shoes: Converse

Hi y'all! It's been a minute since I wrote last. Life has been crazy and time has just been flying by. Can you believe March is already here? What even happened to February? Anyways, March is my birth month, so get excited for some fun stuff to come!
I'm featuring these amazing leather tights from Agnes and Dora. They feel like heaven, and work perfect with my growing belly. Shopping is kind of discouraging, but I saw this Stockholm shirt at forever 21 and had to get it. I
t made me miss my hometown quite a bit, and the people in it. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! Also as we were shooting, I discovered it had pockets! What's not to love about this shirt?


  1. you are so pretty and that photobomb photo turned out amazing :P

    we need to go out and celebrate your birthday! what day is it?


    1. Hahhaa, well my photographer is pretty great ;)

      Also its friday :D I feel so old!