Maxi Cosi- Car seat Review

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ben is the one who does all the research on big things we get for the kids and for the house. Most of the time his extensive research is great, but sometimes it can be a curse ;) We have been looking for a convertible car seat that can be used both rear facing and front facing. We looked at a lot of different brands and found a common "problem". Everytime we sat Olivia in the seats, the adjustable headrest/harness part would force O's head forward. That resulted in her being very uncomfortable, and she wasn't too happy with it. Until Ben found Maxi-Cosi car seat and told me how much he liked it. We knew this was the one when we saw how the headrest didn't force her head forward and when we saw how comfortable she seemed. I love/hate how big she looks it in, but honestly as soon as we made the switch, she was the happiest! This car seat fits children rear-facing starting at 9 pounds and keeps them cozy up until 40 pounds. When your child is ready to be forward-facing, children safely fit in it up to 70 pounds (they also sell a version that fits children up to 85 pounds)!!  
A few of the other perks that we love is the reputation it has built as an elite car seat brand over in Europe, its incredible plush feel, and the built in cup (and toy) holder. It literally is as comfy as it looks. I also love that it is made of premium self-wicking fabrics that deodorize and draw liquids away from the skin. Right now we are basically living in the Sahara, so thank heavens this carseat doesn't make her sweat.

Ps. I'm giving one away on my instagram h e r e  



  1. Your little one is just the cutest! I'll have to keep this post in mind for when I have babies someday :)

    xo Lacey

  2. Aww, thank you :) it is the greatest!!!