How my 4-year old learned to ride a bike without training wheels

Friday, May 26, 2017

"Mom, lets go ride a bike outside, really fast"
- Noah

Last summer we got Noah a balance bike. It took him a little bit to get used to it, but once he did, he was cruising! He was always asking to go out and ride his bike, which has been so fun and we were constantly racing. It made my mommy heart so happy once he figured out how to cruise around. Ben and I knew we wanted to let him try a big boy bike once he felt super comfortable with his balance bike. We wanted to wait to give it to him for Christmas, but we couldn't wait once we got our package from Woom Bike . We were so giddy about it and couldn't wait for him to use it.
To be honest, I was pretty nervous about him riding it. The balance bike did its job. Everything that you've heard about a balance bike, is true! It teaches balance and coordination without worrying about wheels. Noah had the balance down, now he just needed to pedal. We explained that he now was a "big boy", and that his big boy bike had pedals that he needed to use. No kidding, Ben put him on the bike and right away he knew how to ride it. You know I was freaking out, jumping up and down. It was kind of a deja vu to when he started walking!!! What is happening to my firstborn, he is growing way too fast for my liking! 
He isn't cruising just yet, but he sure knows how to pedal and how to keep his balance. I love how light the bike is and the details everywhere. You guys know Ben's research skills in every little thing, and he said that this is one of the best kid bikes out there. Little things like the the height of the seat compared to the handlebars, the way the child sits, and the overall physics of the bike was so impressive. 
Also you need to check out their helmet collection h e r e, they are all AMAZING!I It is designed in Austria, it comes in different colors and it is available in 6 different sizes. Basically everyone in the family can have their own ;)! 

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. How precious! You have the sweetest family!

  2. This is adorable! I love that the balance bike worked.

  3. How awesome!! My boys love their balance bikes. We're getting ready to move my oldest to a regular bike. Hopefully he'll do as good as Noah!

  4. i've been wondering about the balance bike. this makes me want to get one for my son!!

  5. I've always wondered if it was worth the money for those bikes and now I know. Thank you!!

  6. Way to go buddy!! That is too cool!

  7. What an exciting step for your little man! I'm so looking forward to these days with my little guy.

  8. Love your story was kinda of the same for my little man. We started hitting bike trails last month and he's so proud to be able ride with his parents. Definitely get a lot of wows from other parents who went the training wheel route. True believe of balance bikes. And the woom bikes are awesome! Money well spent.

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