Disneyland with three kids ft. Baby Bjorn

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Olivia was obsessed with these balloons!

All the kids loved their BabyBjorn carriers, look at Kingston haha :)
Kelly Mindell, Brooke White & Summer Bellessa 

My family and I were invited to California with BabyBjorn along with 9 other amazing mamas. We had the craziest and most amazing 48h trip!! We left early Tuesday morning and drove to California! All of a sudden 5.5h seemed like no big deal and the kids did surprisingly so well! They invited us to Disneyland and we stayed at the Disneyland resort, and we loved every bit of it!! The hotel was so big, and I was a little overwhelmed haha but we had so much fun! 

Disneyland was better than I ever imagined as a kid!! I cannot wait to go back! We played hard, had lots to eat, rode rides with the kids and there are so much we didn't get to see still. Oh, and we ate a lot...did I already say that? I couldn't believe how BIG and how packed it was. I was honestly so worried I was going to lose a child, so I couldn't take as many pictures but we had the time of our lives! 

Throughout the entire day, I carried Kingston in my Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air. He woke up once to eat, which I did during the "Pirates of the Carribean" ride ha! Other than that, he slept the entire time!!! Right when I put the carrier on, I said "oh my goodness, this is so comfortable". You guys know that I have a bad back, and the fact that I carried Kingston for hours at Disneyland says a lot. I love that it can be used in so many different ways. This is most definitely my new favorite carrier and you can use it from newborn-3 years old. It has extra padded shoulder straps and great waist belt, which makes a huge difference. 

Thank you Disney and Baby Bjorn for having us, we can't wait to go back <3. 


  1. Ahh! I am going to attempt Disneyland with my three kids this year too! Yay for baby wearing!

  2. Great post! I just did Disney(world) with three kids! No Bjorn, though, as mine are 9, 6 and 3. So glad you had fun! I miss my Baby Bjorn days -- I loved mine!

    1. Oooh how fun!!! Those are perfect ages :)

  3. Saw your photos, looks like a fun adventure! And always have to love DISNEY!

  4. What a fantastic experience! So awesome that you could carry him so comfortably all day!!

  5. These pictures are SO cute. This looks like a fun time made easier by the Bjorn!

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