Its the most beautiful time of the year

Sunday, November 25, 2012

 I absolutely love this time of the year! My favorite holiday by far is Christmas, I just love the aspect of spending time with family and friends, being at home, watching home videos, baking together, having hot chocolate, decorating the tree and the house, playing games etc...
I do miss being in Sweden for this holiday with my big family, but I look forward for our first Christmas as a married couple!! Yeey, for new traditions!
Another month that has just flown by, I honestly don't even know where the time is going and the next thing I know our little boy will be here!! Both me and ben are pretty busy with school, which has been both nice and hard.
The nice part is that the weeks just run away and I feel like my pregnancy has gone by pretty quick so far. The hard part is to juggle school to have good grades and trying to get everything set before baby gets here. I must brag a little about Ben, I am just so proud of him, despite all the stress from school, he is just killing it and getting such good grades! I wish I was as smart as him ha :)

I have had lots of people telling me how lucky I am to be pregnant during the winter, and I feel so bad for all the women whom are during the summer. I don't know how y'all survived haha, I am constantly hot and it seems to get worse by the day. I normally am a person that would be cold all day and complain about it, but right now I'm loving this "cold" weather. Poor Ben that has to deal with that.

Today I am 27 weeks, woohoo!!!
I also had to give in and start getting some maternity shirts. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't very excited about it at first! Ben was more excited, he thought I looked cute haha...I felt more big than cute! I still wear the pants that I used to before, but I love just wearing leggings.

Sleeping is starting to get very uncomfortable, in fact just laying to watch a movie is uncomfortable haha...but only 13 more weeks of that! My poor husband has to deal with my tossing and turning, but I hear that it is just prepping you for the baby.

Everyday I feel like our little one just gets more and more active, I seriously wonder what he is doing in there haha! I love reading the little updates everyday of what is going on, and what I should do to prepare myself.
Lots of mothers keep telling me, how this is the most exciting time for us but it will for sure be a change.

I made these the other day. I decided that I wanted to do this for all our children "their first onesie". 
Baby clothes are so darn cute, its a problem when we go to any store, we always have something for our little one.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever. It says it all. I love him so much, and we can't wait for our little one to enter our home.
Many people ask me what I think he will look like, I hope he looks like his dad with my skin haha :)


  1. I call dibs on teaching him how to wink, do the stanky leg, and hop scotch. And he will take my first born daughter out on her first date. I also call babysitting on Friday nights when you and Ben have date night. This I declare as unofficial legitimate Aunt Megan.

    1. Hahaha...megan you make me laugh!! You're already the coolest Aunt ever!!!

  2. lol your comments on staying in normal cloths is funny cause I do that too, then I realize how much more comfortable maternity jeans are than my others and wonder why I waited so long to wear them! Yeah for stretchy pants! You look great girl!

    1. Haha...but seriously tho, i haven't gotten maternity jeans yet! I should probably get on that :)
      Thank you so much, how are you feeling?