15 months and counting!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

15 months ago this little boy came into our world and blessed our lives more than we ever thought could happen. Every stage has its own uniqueness but this is the best one so far! He is seriously so fun :) We have been so blessed with such a happy baby since day 1, and he makes us smile everyday. He's a boy, so he has A LOT of energy... my mom keeps telling me its "payback time" because I was just crazy haha. If Noah had the chance to choose, he would be playing outside every hour of the day and drink smoothies. He loves being outside, he picks up everything thats on the ground and then just throws it. He eats pretty much anything, which makes things really simple when it comes to feeding him. He's obsessed with fruit and meat!
I swear he learns something new everyday, a couple words he can say "mama, papa, daddy, cheese, banana, koko (means grandma/grandpa), tjabba (means whats up in swedish), du (you in swedish)" and baby.
He loves animals, when asked "what does the ____ say" he will make the noise of an owl, duck, snake, tiger, lion, monkey and the elephant :) so cute!!!
Everytime we go out, and there are other children around, he won't even pay attention to us. He will instantly be over there and play with them :)

Enjoying this lovely Saturday before I leave for Sweden!

We love you little one <3