Family time and donuts :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

First off, I hope all you Mothers had a great day/weekend and got really spoiled! I love that there's a day to celebrate Mothers and make us feel special, although it usually happens more often than just one day. I love the fact that we get pampered and in my case I didn't make breakfast, lunch, dinner nor desert! SCORE :)

Personally, I think the weekends go by way too fast and we miss having daddy around :( But we love when he comes home from work and we get to play before Noah goes to bed. This poor boy has 4 teeth coming in, and has a little today has just been a little extra hard. Least to say we were both happy to have daddy home :)
Have you guys heard of the Art City donut truck? We had heard such amazing things about them, and we finally went today...they were delicious!!!! They usually have 3 different specials and we had this one (The Shortcake) Follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see where the truck is and what the specials are.
It tasted like HEAVEN
Getting ready to taste some donuts :)

Yes, I am extremely happy :)

Mmmm...strawberries & whip cream 

Dirty fingers :)
The owners thought Noah was a keeper and gave him some free donuts before we left :)
"Family time is sacred time and should be protected and respected".

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  1. I have never had it, but that looks so good! Im gonna have to track that truck down and have me some!! Also Noah is the cutest thing ever :)