Track Mom!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I am a Track mom, and I LOVE IT. I have had lots of people ask me how I juggle taking care of Noah and running track. First of all, I have been beyond blessed with such a great coach Kyle Grossarth that has taken the time to get me back in shape after having Noah. I usually train around 2h/day and lift 3x a week, which is not too bad and it works for our family. If ben can't watch him, I have great in laws that help us when we need it and my adopted sister Keza who has been such a great aunt to Noah. Ever since Noah has been able to walk, it has been easier to take him with me to practice If I've needed to and he does great.

Outdoor season is finally here :)

Last time I raced outdoors was Regionals in texas May 2011, coach wanted me to get a couple races a  before I go to Sweden and compete this month. I forgot how the 100mh race is a total different race than 60mh...all I have to say is I WAS SO TIRED!!! I had my first race a couple weeks ago at UCLA, and I died the last 3 hurdles haha but it was so fun and on top of that it was my fastest opener ever (14.04).
My next meet was the Robison invitational, I planned to run the hurdles and the 200m (I know some people are probably shocked, but apparently its good for me). Ever since I've been in Utah, this meet gets one day of sunshine and one day of pouring rain. Unfortunately, this meet was NO different. Friday, I took first and ran a season best in the hurdles (13.88) still so much to improve and I ran a personal best in the 200m (24.25) took second :) It was almost a second pr!! I know it is still early in the season, considering I will hopefully be competing until the end of august. So I have lots of time to practice and hopefully improve on my hurdle time and achieve my goals for this season.

Pre-meet at Ucla with some of my track mates and coach Perkins :)

After the Robison Invitational, posing with Coach G and arlene and kassie. 

Just a regular sunny day at practice with my best friend Allyssa.  

I will be going to Sweden in a couple weeks to compete for my club Hammarby, wish me luck and stay tuned on how things go :)


  1. love this, you are amazing!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh fatty, that is seriously so awesome!!! Im excited for you, good luck with the future :)