Burn legs Burn- Fit Friday

Friday, December 12, 2014

When your kids tries to interrupt your workout, you force them to take a picture!

We are smiling, but really our legs are burning!

I'm sorry for the absence this week, we have been real busy in the Dedrickson household. 
Anyways, I have gotten to know so many amazing ladies and families through the blogging world. It makes me sad that we are going to move, and I'm going to have to make new friends! In the meantime, I will enjoy the time we have left here in Utah.
Cecilia is one of them, and she is just the sweetest! She has a little boy who's just a couple months older than Noah, and they play so good together. They live close by, so playdates and workout dates are a given. Also she has the cutest blog, check it out DearestLou
I promised my followers an awesome leg workout so here it is.

This is all high intensity, you can rest between sets :)

15 Lunges/leg
15 side lunges/leg
30 HIGH knees
50 squats
12 single leg squats/leg
30 jumping jacks
30 secx2 wall sit- up to rest 5 sec between

do this 3 times!

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Yes, I love having a workout buddy! Thanks for the workout.

    1. Right!? It makes it way more fun and you're more likely to actually do and finish the workout ;)