Mother and son date- featuring Boohoo & LUA!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Noah won a competition and got this "fresh" sweater from Little urban apparel, and we absolutely love it. We are also featuring one of our favorite beanies from Little ark check her stuff out :)

Getting excited to go see the dinosaurs :)

He's a happy camper even after a bad fall!

 I sure love this little man.
 I am featuring this lovely dress from Boohoo, you know my obsession with stripes. It is the perfect dress! Absolutely comfortable, perfect length, and it was super affordable.

Lately, I have been thinking about how I only have a couple more months of just "me and noah time". Noah and I always have activities planned for the day. Soon, I will be carrying around a carseat along with my toddler.
Exciting times lie ahead, but in the meantime, I am going to enjoy every single day with my little guy.
Today, we went to the dinosaur museum on BYU's campus and he absolutely loved it. I wish, I took a video while we were in there. He went around 4 times and said bye-bye to every statue in there. Hahaha he was making all the workers laugh. 
We then went and played at the park and he was having such a good time until he fell and got a little nose bleed :( It seriously broke my heart. I was pretty proud of myself as I didn't even panic.
We cleaned him up, I got blood all over me, we got chic-fil-a and then enjoyed the sunshine. 
All is well, hope you guys have a great weekend!



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