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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I recently realized that I hadn't blogged in a week or so and that I haven't filled you guys in on our lives in Arizona!
First of all, we lucked out big time with our neighborhood. We love it so much, even if we are inside most of the time ;) The thought of us not living in Utah is still weird! Moving was hard, harder than I thought it would be. I was lucky to have my mom here for 3 weeks, which made the transition a whole lot easier. Being a mother of two, has been crazy but also crazy fun! With all the major changes, this was going to be our lives for the next 2 years. I'm so grateful for my Mother and all her help but once she left, I felt lost.
I didn't quite understand how hard it was going to be. How much I was going to miss  Ben and having him around. I knew without doubt that he was going to do well in school, even though the workload was nothing he was used to. All of a sudden our time became really precious to me. Don't get me wrong, it was precious before as well, but now it was different. 
I'm sure that these feelings are similar to those with spouses that are gone a lot and you can relate. I'm beyond proud and grateful for how he has handled it all. We were told that the first 8 weeks were going to be the hardest, and I'm so glad that no matter what he has put us first. 

I get asked if being a mother of two is hard? I honestly think that having one was harder, what's hard for me is living in this heat. Not being able to go out whenever we want because my toddler has some crazy energy has been hard. This is the transition that has been the hardest for me, I've had to truly dig deep, say lots and lots of prayers and be oh so patient. Luckily, I've made some really good friends that have kids Noah's age. He gets to interact and play with other kids while I get some adult interaction, and it makes the time fly by. As bad as it sound, I've had days were we've just watched shows/movies all day until daddy comes home. I'm not perfect, and still trying to figure out this parenthood! Movies are like a drug, keeps Noah nice and calm and I get to relax a little haha.

On another note, I've got some exciting news that I have been working on concerning fitness. I'm super excited about it, and hoping that things will work out. I will announce it in a little bit! In the meantime here's my "dirty 50" I did this morning :)

50 crunches
45 Jumping jacks (fast)
40 forward lunges
200m run
35 leg tuck- abs
30 squats
25 walk with stroller
100m run
20 bench push ups
15 deep squats (ace down)
10 single leg squat
5 push ups with clap
100m sprint!


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