Summer break!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Its been awhile since I blogged! I officially feel like I'm in the groove now. I've got a good routine down and I have some new friends, YAAY!! We have been so fortunate to be in an awesome ward. There are lots of families like us with kids the same age as Noah! Playdates have been my saving grace :)
While most people are now getting ready for fall to peek in, we are still embracing this 100 plus degrees. I can't even believe I thought Utah was hot during the summer! Now, that seems like nothing.   Ben finally has a break, so we can have him and will enjoy every minute with him around. Major props to all you single parents out there, seriously this job is HARD!!! Anyways, we are really starting to like Arizona and feeling more "at home".
This outfit is all forever21, Ben actually picked out the items...he did pretty good right!?
My diaper bag is from fawn design, it also comes in black! I got picked to be an enthusiast and I absolutely LOVE my bag. I get compliments on it everywhere I go :)
 It is super roomy, I can fit everything I need in it! It is so fashionable, works with any outfit and the leather is so nice. I love that you can choose to wear it as a backpack or strapped. I'm probably going to do a "what's in my diaper bag post" soon. If you're looking for a diaper bag, I would highly recommend it.

Also, I changed my do y'all like it?



  1. you are the cutest! yay for the new name! now you need a new logo! i imagine a design or graphic with you doing one of your crazy stretches or workouts and then the name!! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Thank you sandy!!! Haha, I do need a new much work tho lol

      love you xo

  2. My bestie is a total babe! The day you posted this I tried commenting like four different times on my stupid phone and it looks like it never went through!

    Love this look on you and LOVE the new name <3

    Dearest Lou