Sister sister: Featuring JAYKAIYCO

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Everyone is talking about how excited they are about the fall, and we're just here still dying from the heat. I hear once it cools down, it is amazing and we will absolutely love it. My sister came to visit us, and it has been the BEST!!! Last time we saw each other was Christmas 2013, so almost 2 years ago. I am in sibling heaven (if that even is a thing), and soaking up every moment with her. I mean look at her, Isn't she the cutest?

One of my long time friends started her own clothing company Jaykaiy. This has been a dream of hers ever since I have known her and I am so happy her dreams came through. She is such a hard worker and so talented in so many ways. You should definitely check her boutique out, and stay tuned for more items coming this fall. 
Cecile is featuring her "track tee", she paired it with black skinnies and white shoes. We totally have the same style, my sister and I. I would've probably styled it the same way :)
I am featuring her "Grid Blouse", I went for a more casual look but you can definitely dress it up. I love the feel of the shirt, it almost felt like I wasn't wearing anything ha. This shirt is perfectly designed for warmer weather because of the light material and once it gets cooler you can always throw on a cardigan. 

Enjoy your fall weather people, because the winter will soon hit you and I will be loving our fall weather ;)


  1. Aw you guys are so cute! Love how you styled your shirts, simple outfits are my favorite.

    Enjoy your sister time while Cecile is visiting (:

    Cec || Dearest Lou

    1. Aww thank you Cec!!! You know me, always keeping it simple! Miss you


  2. Seriously you guys are twinners! That first picture of Cecile, where she's looking down, I thought it was you! Matching styles for sure.

    (Fall. That one thing that's happening everywhere else but here. Haha.)

    1. Idk how i missed your comment!! You are the sweetest, we need to get together!!! Are you going to the blogger meet thing at the sodashop next week?