Swimsuit and 3 months postpartum

Friday, March 17, 2017

I cannot believe it is already "spring/summer" here in Arizona! This past week the weather has been  in the 90's and I am not ready for the hot days! I wish it stayed in the 70s a little longer! So in honor of this warm weather, I am going to be showing you my first suit of the year!
I absolutely love this suit from Lime Ricki, it is my first suit from them! I love the high waisted bottoms, great for the (postpartum tummy) and love the matching brallette it comes with! If you look on their website, you will notice how their suits are very affordable. I highly recommend them, and the quality is great!!
I also love that the top can be used as a sports bra as well! You can get your workout done, then jump in the pool right after ;)

As for my postpartum journey, things are going well! I am human, so yes I have bad days as well and that is okay! It is okay to cry it out, because we are human. I know for a fact that my 21-day challenge has helped me so much mentally. Being active or doing any kind of activity each day, has been so beneficial for me but also the kids. Having three kids is no joke, but people do it and so can YOU & I!

I hope y'all have a great st Patrick's day!


  1. I love the suit, and you look amazing!

  2. That suit is SO great on you! You are rocking it mama!

  3. Um. Post partum?! WHERE??? you look so great! Don't sell yourself short mama!! Werkkkk.

  4. looking like a bad ass babe in the suit mama !!! I look forward to joining your future 21 day challenges <3

  5. 90 degrees already?! I'd be melting! But I love this suit. Great idea to wear it to workout too!