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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Often I think we don't give our husbands and the fathers to our children enough credit. Let's be real, life would be pretty boring without them! Am I right, or am I right? Unless you married a really boring guy, then you're in no luck ;)
The song, "I'm so glad when daddy comes home", I am pretty sure was intended for us wives as well. If you don't know what I am talking about, youtube it, you can thank me later :)
Growing up, my mom ALWAYS had food ready, every single day. That is something I've strived to do as well. Now, I'm certainly no Martha Stewart, but I'm pretty dang close ;) No, but I do try to have dinner ready or at least in the process by the time Ben comes home. Another thing that my mom taught me, is the "2 min clean up". She would just put things together, or hide it haha, pick up toys, basically made it look like she cleaned for hours when it only took her 2 minutes. Anyone else do that? I do that all the time, not because I want Ben to think I cleaned forever and praise me, but because I want him to come home to "peace". I know I get pretty overwhelmed when there are a million toys everywhere. I should count picking up toys as a workout, its pretty close to a squat right?
Last but not least, I clean myself up a little. I don't mean, put make-up on and look like Beyonce (that takes too long), but maybe change of clothes and fix my hair. I may or may not be in the same spot/clothes all day until Ben gets home hahaha! A clean look is always pleasant to come home to. I get so excited when Ben comes home, Noah gets even more excited!! 
Husbands, you are awesome! After slapping Ben with a big kiss on the lips, I usually follow by handing him Olivia, because my arms are tired and they need to breathe. Is your spouse also the fun parent in your household? Everyone thinks Ben is funny, whenever we meet new people they remember us as "fatty and funny ben". I don't know about you, but I rather get remembered as funny than fat ;)
I'm so grateful for a husband who helps me whenever he can, who wakes up at night so I can get rest, who makes me laugh ALL the time, who's funnier than me even though I consider myself funny!! He's selfless, he cares more about his children then anything else. He compliments me on the daily and despite his school load he still takes time for family time. 
Love you BOO, you're stuck with me forever!
Vive les Hommes



  1. So SO sweet!! I'm with you on this! Husbands are the BEST (and definitely the funner parent... I know... That's not really a word... But seriously!)

    1. Hahaha, that should be a word lol! But seriously, even though we are we the kids 24/7 lol You're the sweetest!!!

  2. this is SOOOOOO sweet! miss you all!!!!

    Sandy a la Mode