Fitness apparel snob- SENITA

Monday, December 21, 2015

Many of you who read my blog, know how much I love exercising. Do you prefer wearing your fitness apparel because its so much more comfortable than skinny jeans? If your answer is yes, you're going to love this. If your answer is no, then you will change your mind once you let senita into your life.
I've been into sports since I was a little kid. Over the years, as I grew older I have gone through many different brands of athletic gear. As a former D1 and professional athlete, I have a lot of fitness apparel and have become a gear snob. I know that it can get expensive, specially when you buy the "higher end brands", ain't nobody got time for that. This is where senita athletics comes in. It was founded by my good friend Jenna, whom like me was a D1 athlete.
She did a LOT of research, a lot of digging to find the highest quality fabrics and started senita athletics. A company that sells durable, comfortable, fashionable and affordable fitness apparel.
I believe in everything that I post, and I promise you that these are worth every penny. You aren't going to want to take them off, not only that, they come with pockets to put your phone in.


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  2. Awesome! Loved your workout gear and want to have a similar one for my workout exercise. Have seen good and colorful stylish workout clothes in a store and planning to buy them as they are now at good discount.

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