Dads, you're the real MVP!

Friday, March 4, 2016

In family relationships, love is really spelled T-I-M-E
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I talk a lot about Mothers, and how awesome you are (because you truly are). I think sometimes we tend to forget about our partner in crime. We rarely hear or read about how awesome Fathers are, or we just don't give them enough credit. So this post is dedicated to my partner in crime, but also to all you awesome, dedicated, loving, loyal fathers out there. SHOUT OUT TO YOU!

The other day as I was at the park with my kids, I was chatting with other moms about life and girly things. Such as the "The Bachelor", getting our nails done, working out and more about "The Bachelor". I told them how I watch it with a group of girls every Monday (no judging, this season is great). Anyways, then one of the moms asked:
"Do you take the kids with you?"
"No, they stay home with their father" I replied.
"Oooh" she said, with a funny look on her face.

If you know me, you know I'm already giving her the "fatty" look.

Then one of my biggest pet peeves happened;

"Wow, do you always come home to chaos? Are you kids alive when you get back? She said, while looking at the other moms trying to get their approval.

The other moms didn't say a thing, they just stared at me (probably afraid of what I was about to do).
I wanted to reply something rude, but I refrained. Later that day, it hit me how I hear these things all the time. People making comments about dads like they don't know what to do.

If your kid isn't dressed fashionable enough, people automatically think "daddy dressed him". When you're out and about without kids and someone nicely comments "is daddy on babysitting duty today". Nope, he's not a babysitter. He is a parent. 

When he's at school, he worries about the kids. He asks how they're doing multiple times a day. As soon as he gets home, the mood changes and we are all so happy. He's the one to build the coolest train tracks. He is playing vroom-vroom on his knees. He is building a fort and playing peek-a-boo. He is sitting next to a little person while they go potty. 

Later on, he will be cleaning up the leftovers from dinner. We will find something new on our sons body and google "is this spot normal or is my son infected". He will get irritated, and then real happy 5 seconds later because Noah listened. He will read the same goodnight story without  complaining. He will wake up at night also because someone needs to potty. He will cuddle Noah while mommy gets to sleep. He will check the locks once or twice, to make sure we are safe. He will check the kids one last time before he's ready for bed, or study some more while I sleep next to him. 

Then, there's me. His forever companion doing pretty much the same thing minus building cool train tracks.  The kicker is, we need to keep the good dads in our daily parenting language. I know that there are less active or involved fathers out there. But lets not forget about the loving, caring, loyal, capable, "I don't care to look foolish" dads, all hail to you!


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