Where my target people at!?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

 This is me, freezing my butt off!!

Let's talk about TARGET for a minute! Who doesn't love that store?
I am obsessed, and I can never leave the store empty handed. There's something with that store that makes me buy things I absolutely don't need, happens every time. Although, somedays I do score some great finds! I swear there's like a target mom club, were every stay-at-home mom goes in the morning and spends a lot of time/money before nap time. Believe it or not, I have made a couple friends at target haha :)

I have had lots of people ask me how I dress non-maternity clothes! Here is one example, its really suppose to be a dress but I wear it as a tunic paired with my velvet pants I also got from target. I really fell in love with the design, the long sleeves and the color. You can definitely dress it up, or down. This is more of a casual look and my Jacket was a gift from my MIL :)

Maternity wise, I bought my nursing bra and sport bra there and I absolutely love them. If you aren't a target fan yet, means you don't go often enough ;)



  1. WHY are you so cute?! In better shape than me and you're preggo? You are killin' it girl. Also, let's swap photos sometime? Your's are amazing.

    1. Oh my gosh, you just made my day!! Thank you, so much!! And yess please, I would love to <3